Protect Your Yard From Pests

Look into holistic pest spray solutions in Lawrence & Andover, MA

Nobody likes unwanted guests - especially creepy-crawly ones. Luckily, Andover Arborists has an effective solution. We use a holistic pest spray to organically treat yards in the Lawrence & Andover, MA area against common pests.

A holistic approach is a simple way to banish pests from your yard without harming your plant life. Ask any questions about our holistic pest management services by calling 978-495-6294 now.

Our treatment is effective against common yard pests

Our treatment is effective against common yard pests

Don't let your yard become overrun with pests. Allow our experts to treat your property against common insects. Our holistic pest spray can get rid of...

  • Winter moth caterpillars
  • Hemlock wooly adelgids
  • Ticks and mosquitos
  • Diseases from pests

You'll be able to enjoy being in your yard again after we spray your yard with our top-notch horticultural oil. Make your pest problems a thing of the past. Arrange for holistic pest management services today.